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- What is Alexa Rank?
The Alexa rank is developed by Alexa Internet Inc. (a company that deals with statistics on Internet traffic) and, summing up as much as possible, identifies the location of a site in the world rankings based on the traffic generated from this. The "rank" is given from the entire domain and any subdomains, unlike the "Page Rank" of Google, which is based on a single page.
Alexa assigns a score to each site, based on the traffic generated by the latter: the higher the score is low, the better (on average, we can say that is a very good score on 100,000).
Have a good position nell'Alexa rank means increasing the "value" of a site, and therefore have a greater chance of receiving visits as well as improve your rankings in the search engines.

- How do I know what's the Alexa Rank of my site?
To discover the Alexa rank of your site click here, in the field "Enter your URL" enter the address of your site (in the form and click on the link "Check" in the upper right .

- Why choose 1000000Hits for my advertising?
Because visitors are real and not simply reload the page, we are talking about unique visits. Your site will be visited at least 30 seconds from users all over the world.

- How do you generate hits to my site? Where do these visits?
We have a large network of sites that send us traffic in the form of pop unders, pop up and traffic exchange, this way your site will be displayed in a full-page, full-screen. We do not make absolutely any kind of spam to get this: our policy in this regard is zero tolerance! The visits are generated by users, worldwide, who have entered into their sites our codes to display pop unders and generate traffic that you too can enjoy.

- These visits are targeted?
No, this is not targeted visits. Visitors from all over the world.

- Do you offer a monitoring system for the visits received?
No, we do not provide any traffic monitoring system. You can view visits come simply using the tools provided by Google Analytics.
You can see the traffic generated by us searching through the referrer of origin: will be visits to your site coming from the URL

- Do you offer a refund for these purchases?
Sorry, for this type of traffic is not expected any kind of refund.